Anekdote  [anegˈdoːdə]  — A short, amusing unique story.

Anekdote Studio, was born in 2015, by hotshot graphic designer Nicolai Boye Brodersen. With a burning desire to make, graphic design that matters. Specialized in telling the unique stories, that breaks through the noise of 21-century nonsense.

Working as a freelance design studio, cases are tackled head-on. Armed to the teeth with the latest design knowledge, first world technology, and enthusiasm.

Operating from the mothership in Odense, I help brands create, engaging ad-campaigns, full scale identities, websites, and other branding assets, that tells unique stories best suited for each client.

Working as a one-man army keeps the operation very cost effective, and gives the possibility to handpick artists, specialized in their particular fields, for every individual task. Therefore I collaborate with a growing network of, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and developers, to deliver amazingly vivid, well executed work every time!



Contact Info:

Nicolai Boye Brodersen

+45 26321316